the summer sunday playbook


i think it's safe to say that we're smack dab in the middle of summer now, and so far (in new york, at least), the skies have truly gifted us a mixed bag of everything: thunderstorms, rain, intense sun, sticky humidity, days with a cool breeze, thick cumulus clouds, the list goes on.

today's weather condition was a rare gem:  a cool easy breeze and provisions of plenty of shades from the fluffy cumulus clouds hovering about. these are the days to cherish and capitalize your summer memories upon because all of the other days will be spent indoors with air conditioning. a day with bearable enough conditions to bbq? jumping on it. i perused the aisles of whole foods wondering what to have for this bbq, and heard a calling to channel my inner sandra lee: "ditch your dear saturdays persona, fresh hummus? save for another day. make your own sausages? no. do it all semi-homemade".  

declared to myself that this summer sunday will be the day to rest since that's what we were called to do. can i get an amen?

i went on my way to throw into my basket preparations for a delicious hodgepodge of a meal i put together last sunday at my parent's house right before i rushed off to the airport. grilled merguez sausage, hummus topped with fresh parsley and chopped onion, and grilled pita. heck yes.

it was a brilliant idea, all this 0 efforting made room to maximize on taking it easy, chilling out, staring at the clouds and pointing out shapes and faces, and humming to cyrille aimee's sweet summer tunes. it really doesn't get better than this. jk, could use some more hudson and taylor. someone invent a baby teleporting machine plzzzz

xo, christine


a summer bbq hodgepodge


1 pack of merguez sausage

1 pack of hummus of your liking

1 small onion

1/2 italian parsley 

1 pack of pita

beer? white wine? rose? aperol spritz? what are your go-to summer drinks to cool down? 


  1. this isn't a recipe, just a grocery list and steps on how to prepare an effortless bbq

  2. prep your grill on medium-high

  3. cut horizontal slits into your sausages

  4. dice up your onion, chop up your parsley. use your favorite herbs as well like fresh cilantro, ground cumin, lime juice, go nuts! place atop your hummus

  5. when the grill has heated, throw your sausages and pita on. i trust that your intuition will guide you on when it's ready. this will be when your sausages are lightly charred on both sides and your pita has pretty grill marks.

  6. enjoy, chill out, stare out at the clouds, listen to some sweet tunes