hiya, i'm christine han and this a picture of me in my tiny studio apartment with a fishy friend and one of my most prized possessions, la molcajete!

in this corner of the internet, you can find what used to be my private travel journal that naturally metamorphosed into a place to document the present-day-christine, someone who can talk about food all.day.long. food has always been focal to many relationships with people that i hold dearly to my heart. i've experienced it as a powerful vehicle that opens new doors and even brings concrete walls down to their knees. most importantly, for me, sharing a meal or cooking for someone in a relaxed setting has helped me better understand the ways that i can serve people that i heart. food is truly a gift.

as some of you have already seen through the gram, i cook and eat aaaa lot. a few Fs in my life (friends, family, followers) eventually nudged me to share recipes, so…here is where you can find them! they're fun recipes spun up from ideas incorporating ingredients that were common in my second gen korean-american upbringing as well as new ones i've discovered along the way. i hope you enjoy the personal anecdotes and maybe even give the recipes a try.

some other tidbits about me: i was born and raised in the sunny 'burbs of los angeles, and found my way to sf bay area to attend uc berkeley and work a few jobs in the tech industry too. i had a random stint in ireland as well, lived in a charm-filled brooklyn neighborhood called gowanus, and now, i’m living out my wildest dreams in paris. on my mondays-fridays, i help launch new products at a tech company you've maybe heard of, pinterest. on my saturdays, you can find me here ;)

my life can become a little nutty, especially living most of it out of a suitcase. i travel a lot for work and family, but no matter where i am or wherever i'm headed to, i'm always #grateful to have the time, resources, and space to create. i'm really looking forward to sharing all things food and more with you - thanks for stopping by!

xo, christine

1 corinthians 10:31