meditations on bourdain


it felt preeeetttttty glum in new york today, and i wondered if was because everyone was mourning the loss of anthony bourdain. i searched the faces of people in the subway and in the streets, and i'm pretty sure i detected (or was seriously projecting) that we were all feeling the same glum.

what i'm positive of is that i brushed shoulders with countless people who learned at least one important life skill from anthony bourdain. for me, that lesson was to go out and really see the world by observing how the locals do life, ask questions about the social and political sentiments in the air, and (duh) ask them to point you where they enjoy their favorite meals. wasn't that was the entire main premise of no reservations and parts unknown, right?

there's so much more that i wish i could learn and understand about him and why he decided to take his life, but i don't think i'll ever really be able to know those thoughts. what i could do was to put him in my thoughts and honor his life by recreating a meal from one my favorite memories of food abroad. it was on a recent trip to barcelona where andreu was catching me up on all the crazy details from the recent catalan independence referendum while we were having brunch. hearing these stories and growing a heightened sense of pride for catalan people would have never happened without being influenced by the curiousity for culture, people, and food that bourdain shared with us.

xo, christine

catalan pintxos & vermut



1 cup of vermut chilled

2 tablespoon club soda

1/2 tablespoon olive brine

1 pitted pickled green olive

1 orange twist (peel)


 1 olive and rosemary loaf, sliced. but any kind of loaf or baguette is fine so as long as it doesn't easily crumble  

2 tablespoon of olive oil to brush

chevre cheese


ideas for toppings

fresh pitted cherries with drizzled honey

pickled roasted tomatoes, crisp dried scallions

olive tapenade, garlic chips

whole grain mustard


i was sad to finish the last of the bottles that i lugged home from a bodega in barcelona, but i was surprised and delighted that my neighborhood wine shop carries it! God, i love brooklyn. you can also have it delivered to you here.

vermut: combine chilled vermut, club soda, olive brine, and olive in a glass. rub the orange peel on the rim of the glass before adding to the vermut. enjoy!

pintxos: you'll find a variety of pickled vegetables, fish, fruit, and cheese piled onto a slice of toasted bread. the point is to find complementary profiles using savory, pickled, salty, crunchy and gooey, creamy, and sweet things you have available on hand.

  • heat oven to 350

  • brush olive oil on sliced bread

  • toast bread for 5-7 minutes until lightly toasted, cool for 10 minutes

  • spread on chevre cheese

  • pile on assortment:

    • pitted cherries and drizzled honey

    • pickled roasted tomato, crisp dried scallion, maldon salt

    • olive tapenade, garlic chips

    • whole grain mustard