turquoise waters in provence

provence, france


the world is full of so much wonder and beauty.

working a corporate job, paying bills, saving money for a house, being tied to adult responsibilities can get you down and prevent you from seeing that beauty clearly. amirite?

having the space and time to pay a visit to mother nature in the city is tough, but it is possible. there are parks and the piers, but if you're really into treating yourself, it'll look like  a drive out upstate or to long island. and if you're reaaally going to go down the path of ways to treat yourself from the burn of your quarter-life crisis, you'll maybe pay a visit to gorges du verdon in southern france.

sitting in a small boat cruising through deep-turquoise-waters-cradled-between-a-thriving-limestone-canyon can't directly make your problems go away, but it will help. i think the rocks spoke to me, they told me how small and insignificant my problems are, and how my brain needs a major rewrite to keep those problems at bay. because wouldn't you rather sit still in admiration for a planet that illustrates so much wonder and beauty?


xo, christine