the hills are aliiiveeee

Grindelwald, Switzerland


the sound of music was based somewhere in austria, but it might as well have been shot in grindelwald, switzerland because look at this place!

i'm still pinching myself. *pinches self*. looking at these pictures now, they simply can't do any justice to all the other facets that made taking this town so hard to take in. whenever i visit places like grindelwald, i get a huge knot in my stomach that comes from feeling multiple "fat" feelings at once. fat feelings as opposed to skinny feelings are feelings that run deep into every vein in my body and are quite challenging to shake off. skinny feelings are feelings that stay for a hot second and evaporate and make you question, was that even a legitimate thing to feel?

the fat feelings felt here was a big fat bag of contradictions that can actually all be felt at once:

  • awe: because look at this place. the cottages on the hill, the clouds and the blue sky, that giant mountain with snow caps, the soft wildflowers and thriving trees, the crisp air. asobfoasdaiwdpawfonaaskapqwi....
  • anxiety and depression: because while i was taking in the scenery, i was already wondering when in my life i will ever be able to visit this place again. will i?!?! T_T
  • fear: we off-roaded and drove into someone's front yard with a cow that was freely grazing about. i bet that cow could smell my fear from all the way over there and could have easily played a "tricked-ya" joke. i would've if i were that cow just to get a fun kick out of trespassing tourists.
  • hunger: because eating in switzerland gets expensive for owners of the $, so we grabbed the free but tiny breakfast from the hotel to save that $. 

this is a bit morbid, but i have a few of my significant memories that i've collected in my memory bank that i have queued up for that moment where they say "your life flashes by you before you die". i wondered how those bits are determined. is it random? like what if your brain did you wrong and chose moments like sitting at your desk at work or puking into a toilet?

sweet grindelwald for sure has been uploaded and saved to that memory bank. ok, i'm going to go cry now.


always hangers.

xo, christine