Paris, France


before you start rolling your eyes on this stupid word play, you have to understand that i've been waiting for this moment since, idk...middle school? i had to go all-out because this is all i really aspired for in life, having a picnic in front of the eiffel tower.  had the wait been 1 week, i would've put minimal effort and brought along a buttery pastry and wine. 1 year? a bit fancier with charcuterie, cheese, and wine. but 10 years?! i was going to make delayed gratification show its true colors for me.

in paying honor to my patience, i'd turn this eiffel tower picnic into a 3 course meal. charcuterie, a baguette, a whole wheel of brie cheese, your quintessential pizza, macarons, fruit, and do i even need to mention wine?

i wasn't trying to fit in with the locals. i wasn't going to drink straight from the bottle. i wasn't going to play it cool. i was going to bring plastic wine glasses (practical) and lay it all out on a cliche picnic blanket. and i'm about to get preachy now. this is the dream that you've been given the opportunity to live, so make the most of it.  do not, i repeat d.o. n.o.t, for one second think that you need to downplay any detail of your dreams (however small) for the sake of convenience or fitting in.

of course the group next to us peered over as i unpacked the straw basket and laughed at how extra this girl dressed in a full pink floral skirt is. did i feel embarrassed at all? i'll let you take a guess but the answer starts with an capital N and ends with an capital O. 

i am so thankful that i was able to conclude my first trip to paris, let alone europe. in this way. i would not have planned or had it any other way; peak-nique-ing with a prime view of the twinkly eiffel tower at sun down with pizza-in-mouth.

xo, christine