love me, barcelona

Barcelona, Catalunya


so i think the saying goes something like: the way to make something happen in your life is to first declare it over your life using words. i will assert my future self right here: a proud owner of a classic fiat, trotting around and exploring all the amazing food this world has to offer. the only thing missing is my future dog peeping its furry head out the left window. and maybe teaching children how to cook as my day trade too.

all of these ridiculous aspirations spawned from a recent trip to barcelona. my time there was the complete opposite of recently grinding away at work, so i couldn't help but drift into lala land. taking a stroll through the meandering alleyways of barri gotic or going on scenic oceanfront runs on the platja or drinking vermut 3x a day or hunting for treasures at bellcaire els encants and the palo alto market or going on a casual sail in the mediterranean made me wonder why i've made the life decisions to not live here. 

i hope that when these dreams are actualized, all the friends that helped create these sweet memories will still be somewhere in europe so that we can trot around together (Andreu, Amy, Travis - wait for me!) / relocate with me (talking to you Brando). 

it's alwaysssss a good idea to go to barcelona.

xo, christine

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