les couleurs sur paris

Paris, France


mom, friends, roommates, everyone! i finally made it! my very first visit to paris and i can't believe my eyes. i feel as though the spirits of those imagineers who built this place have dusted my eyes with glitter and stars as i wander through this kaleidoscope dream.

i mean, look at rue cremieux's cobblestone street lined with pastel colored homes, the ornate ceilings and gilded rails at galleries lafayette, the carousel at jardin des tuilleries. my stomach is churning into a big buttery knot (i've seriously lost count on how many pain au chocolats i've eaten already) from all the other surreal places in this city that's yet to be explored. if you spot a grown asian woman singing and prancing around looking like a 5 year old at disneyland for the first time, it's probably me!

xo, christine