early morning at the eiffel

Paris, France


i'd like to thank andrew from the bottom of my heart. this guy let me drag him out of bed at the crack of dawn so that i can prance around alone in a park, with with not a single soul in sight. just me, mr. eiffel, andrew, and all the pigeons in paris.

the air was crisp, the sky pastel blue with warm hues of the waking sun, and champ de mars and the trocadero was so completely serene - probably still set in a deep slumber. what would you have done if in this situation? my gut instinct told me to run around, perform a few twirls and baby jetés on the empty lawn. 

anyways, i highly recommend that everyone do this at least once in their life (including bringing out that baby ballerina in you). here's the soundtrack to help those feet going!

xo, christine