dear city of lights...

Paris, France


can you tell me, was i french in my past life? no?

or can someone explain to me why all things paris struck a strong chord in my heart my entire life despite the fact that i had never been? so much so that friends gifted with paris merch on my birthdays (pillows, books, shirts, etc.)? or why i slept with maps of paris hung over my bed as a kid? was this nature or nurture? must be nature because my parents along with the rest of my korean ancestors have ever been to france...

it's nearly impossible to absorb it all in as a first-time-visitor; the beauty of the manicured gardens and parks, the charm of the little streets, the grandeur haussman architecture, people young and old enjoying walks along the seine, butter, bordier butter, and all of the carbs. if some #blessedhuman did have the time and space to take it all in, would they eventually tire of it? my biased self thinks not.

in any case, i can only dream of my next visit where i'll learn to appreciate you more than i could this time around. i'll also send a few prayers up to heaven to one day make you my home :) god please!

xo, christine