a newfound catalan gut

barcelona, spain


it's spring, and you know what that means! still got a decent shot to get that dream summer bod. my friend aaron, who's a savvy dietician, taught me the effectiveness of intermittent fasting that's supposed to make you look güüüüüüd.

i gave this fasting business for the past few weeks, and lost like 1 pound! i might be the worlds best planner because i repurposed that pound by throwing all inhibitions out the window as i stepped foot on catalan soil.

helloo bottomless cava, vermut, and pan con tomate <3

brunch at firebug cafe

post run + antique shopping lunch at can mano

your quintessential tapas at bar bitacora


the best burrata at the one and only <3 ramona bar <3, louis roederer champagne to celebrate brandon's first chanel purchase, churros from xurreria trebol, and <3 vermut <3

3 honey badgers who do not give a hoot about summer bods

lard chocolate croissants on a sunny bench from forn mistral


the best vermut and $13 dollar lunch at lo pinyol

i can't zip my pants no mo.

xo, christine