andalusia | d.s. traveling tips

andalusia, spain


what a treat traveling andalusia was. i wasn’t too sure of what andalusia was before visiting, but i soon found out that it’s a region in the southern region of spain and there’s no place on earth like it! i could go on an on about how much reverence i have for a place like this; there’s beautiful architecture that has moorish, moroccan, roman, and spanish influences, some of the cities go back three entire centuries, and most interestingly, there seems to be a coexistence between christianity, islam, and judaism.

all of the cities are different in their own ways and i’d encourage you to spot the personalities that the pictures below convey. what i noticed that these cities do have in common is #patiolife - which is that where the corridors in the homes are impeccably decorated with ornate tiles and plants. oh! and i can’t forget the oranges! naranja trees everywhere which gave me a pleasant whiff of orange blossoms while cruising through the streets.

some tips for traveling this region are:

  • use the train if possible if the cities are accessible by train. it’s usually faster and stress free. however! if you want to go to cities tucked away in the mountains like frigialiana, it might be best to go by car. the drive through the mountains and narrow roads can be a bit challenging so if you’re not comfortable with driving, try going with a tour group.

  • immerse yourself into the culture and don’t be afraid. for example, in malaga, we went to a hammam bath and it was so worth it! it felt like we time traveled back a century or two and the experience gave us time to disconnect from our phones (they’re obviously not allowed in the bath house) and just live in the moment. we came out refreshed and ready to take on the next few days of traveling. if you plan on going to a hammam, do take a swimsuit!

  • sunbathe, kick back, and take it easy. this is what it’s all about. it would be a shame if you went to andalusia to sight see and eat - these cities from what i can tell were built to give respite and relaxation (from the patios to the beaches). so be sure to give yourself stretches of time to close your eyes or look up at the sky to really soak in where you are.