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seattle, wa


hi fronds,

hope you’ve all been swell and enjoyed the 4th with your friends and family! it felt like forever for this weekend to finally roll and it was highly anticipated because it meant that i would finally be reunited with my gal pals, kchoi, oly, and megan. oh, and another highly anticipated event - finally getting to meet mr. megan, a special human being that puts a twinkle in megan’s eye every time she talks about him.

sean (aka mr. megan) and his roommate, matt, were kind enough to open their idyllic capitol hill home in seattle to four rambunctious/break-out-in-song-anytime-anywhere/wine-o-holic ladies.

the 4th of july holiday was spent doing the most american things we could think of; meaning, celebrating our cultural roots by spreading korean barbecue out on their dining table along with carving out the innards of a watermelon and packing it with soju. kristina’s cousin, jane, who recently moved out to seattle with her husband and beautiful babies, bennett and ruby, were also able to join us for the very american festivities. we ended the night by hiking down a few steep blocks for a prime view of the firework show over lake union.


as for seattle, megan and sean had a curated list of things for us to eat and do, and i would never be one to question what was on that list. these two are hip twenty-somethings with impeccable taste, and all that we experienced only confirmed this sentiment.

for the rest of the weekend, we trekked up to the woods to have a eating sleepover in the cutest little cabin on mount rainier. IN the span of a few hours, we managed to cook and enjoy a four-course meal together. Oly was on snack duty, i had the special honor of cooking fried chicken sandwiches and strawberry shortcakes, and then we proceeded to ending our night with kristina and megan’s classic second dinner — regretti spaghetti, a simple red sauce bucatini that is underrated, packed with old recollections along with new memories, and of course, zero regret.

mount rainier itself felt like everything that you’d imagine the pnw to be. ancient trees, windy roads, crisp air, waterfalls, and countless photo-op pitstops. during our roadtrip, i dozed in and out of naps, looked out the window, and wondered how all that we were surrounded by was created by just the might of nature. Is it not mind blowing?!?!


  • roadtrip to mount rainier. a two hour drive from Seattle that is worth it if you enjoy the outdoors!

  • have a run around lake union because there are nature paths, bridges, train tracks, parks, and waterside views.

  • peruse pike’s place. i always make it a point to visit pike’s every time i visit seattle because there’s so much buzz and energy in the air. Although it’s always crowded and filled with tourists, i think it’s worthwhile to admire the constancy of the vendors’ traditions. i always walk away a little more inspired.

  • shop at glasswing a boutique that looks like a greenhouse, but has a meticulous selection of goods from plants, clothing, jewelry, beauty products, and homeware/outdoorware.

  • pick up a few bottles at vif wine, because that is what one does with the queen of natural wines (aka, megan)


  • fremont bowl: if in need of a casual lunch spot with affordable and high quality chirashi bowls, this is your spot! we also had their karaage (fried chicken) and korokke (fried potato ball) and they were deeelicious. also, note the home-brewed soy sauce!

  • stateside: vietnamese-inspired restaurant that has unique takes on traditional dishes. the most memorable was the thai tea popsicle, which has a hard shell exterior and a creamy softer core. it was like a creamsicle but with thai tea! as for dishes, the crispy duck fresh rolls and cha ca va long were fresh and packed with an incredible amount of flavor.

  • kedai makan: malaysian-inspired foods - of the many dishes we ordered, i’d have to say that the jellyfish salad, lentil roti jala (lentil curry accompanied with spongey net bread), fried frog legs, and chili pan mee were of my favorite! you can really tell that the chefs have a true appreciation for malaysian flavors by all of the rich spices packed into every dish. i’d also recommend queuing up a half-hour before opening on busy nights!

  • spinasse: freshly made egg pastas that make you wonder if you’ve transported to piedmont, italy. we had the tajarin con burro e salvia and tajarin al ragu and they were deeeelicious. would also recommend ordering the antipasto misto della casa, an assortment of all of their antipasti.

  • general porpoise donuts: megan and sean delivered these beautiful pillowy donuts filled with delicious cream or compote fillings. megan’s fav is the blackberry compote, and i 100% agree with her. i would like to be adopted into their home if mornings start with donut deliveries.

  • bakery nouveau: oof. i mean, pretty spot on french pastries if you’re ever in need. of the many pastries we had, i’d say the twice baked chocolate almond croissant and the tuna croissant sandwich were my fav.

i couldn’t have asked for more from this weekend – it was filled with wonderful company, food, wine, exploration, reinforcing old friendships, and nurturing new ones. a huge shout out to megan and sean for being hosts with the mostest, adopting me, kchoi, and oly for the weekend, and allowing us to experience seattle as locals would. love and appreciate you two lovebirds so much!

xo, christine

other fun things that are probably the most exciting thing about this post (i saved them for last):

*google maps* for seattle recs: link here

VIDEOs!!! kristina and megan are pro vloggers so they both made videos on what we did over the weekend. if you’re interested, have a peek (and subscribe) - enjoy!